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TOTAL QUARTZ 3500 engine oil protect the engine against wear and corrosion ensuring longer life. The special engine oil also reduces friction between the moving parts that increase engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. The Total QUARTZ 3500 removes impurities to the oil filter that help in the cleanliness of the filters and prevent it from serious damage. The magical power of TOTAL QUARTZ 3500 Engine oil seal space between the piston and cylinder which optimize engine performances and efficiency. It also helps to cool the engine, preventing energy loss and engine deterioration. TOTAL QUARTZ 3500 is suitable for Petrol, Diesel & LPG engine. TOTAL QUARTZ 3500 engine oil is produced in the new high-tech lubricants plant in Singapore. TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil approved by the world recognize car Manufacture Company as like Volvo, Volkswagen, Citroen, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, BMW & Ford etc.


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